Thursday, January 18, 2007

Jan Ulrich to win the 2006 Tour de France?

With my boy Landis up against the ropes trying to teach second year chemistry and biology to the French, Oscar Pereiro turns out to have tested positive on two occasions during the 2006 Tour for Salbutamol.

The Second Place finisher of one of the most esteemed bike races in the world has asthma?!? Asthma? Are you shitting me?

So Lanids will get bumped on bizarre-not-that-testosterone-can-help charges. Oscar didn't fill in the box on the Tour d'Application that said 'Asthmatic'. Who's next? What did Kloden do, take Viagra?

My European Contact repeatedly claims that they are all doping. I've been defending Landis, based purely on my faith in him. Which is quite silly taking into account my views on the word 'faith' in general. I'm beginning to think that they are all doping.

How far down does the rabbit hole go?


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Walter said...

ANYONE but the kaiser roll!!!!!!

i think it should be michael rasmussen.. you know, just for fun. :)