Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Rant Response.

A work buddy sent this out...

But it struck a nerve.

So, while on a conference call of little import but high viability should I disappear, I responded:

I was hoping for $10.00/gal.


But then again.. I would rather ride than drive.

Maybe.. if people rode a bike for trips under 2 miles.. the infrastructure could be rebuilt with realistic and sustainable transportation.

Maybe children that live ACROSS THE STREET from their school could actually walk the ¼ block to the intersection, and the ¼ block back the other side of the street to their school; instead of taking the bus. No, I’m not kidding.

Children are prohibited from walking to school. (Funny, I remember riding my bike, when the tires were pumped up, else I walked)

Something’s changed and it’s more and more disturbing when you take a moment to think about it.

Obesity rate continue to rise, yet we prohibit children from walking to school? Someone made that decision, right? Some paid official looked at all the data and decided that we should have to drive fat kids to school.

So yeah… $8/gallon! I’m in favor.

Stop giving tax breaks to the large petroleum companies, and give 1% of those to local bike shops. They’d be giving bikes away. Take the other 99% and start building communities where cycling and walking is a realistic option. The more people commute by bike, the lower the price of gas. Why? You ask. Simple. Part of the cost of gas, is a tax that is used to repave and maintain the roads. Cyclists have so negligible an impact on asphalt and concrete as to be dismissed altogether. Don’t get me started on the enormously evil impact that autos have on the environment. I’m not even talking ‘green’, I speaking about the number of deaths caused by auto accidents.

The US has ~306,000,000 people (as of 2009). Guess how many were killed by auto accidents?


Road Traffic accidents makes the top 10 for causes of death worldwide, year after year.

Since bikes are considered ‘alternative’ transportation, we live in a society built around one of the least effective modes of transportation ever designed. Where I live, there are no sidewalks, the only way to get to the store closest to my house is along a 2 mile stretch of 50 MPH 2 lane with a minimal road edge.

The average person is forced, by the design of the infrastructure to drive a car.

How long do you sit in a car, driving to and from work?

What percentage of your life are you doing… nothing useful. How much do you pay per month on your Car? Gas? Maintenance? Insurance?

So.. we work, to pay for a car to drive to the job. Weird.

It takes less energy to bicycle one mile than it takes to walk a mile. In fact, a bicycle can be up to 5 times more efficient than walking. If we compare the amount of calories burned in bicycling to the number of calories an automobile burns, the difference is astounding. One hundred calories can power a cyclist for three miles, but it would only power a car 280 feet (85 meters)!

Final Argument:

She doesn’t look that fit by sitting in a car.

Go back and look at the chart.

On the other hand.. I’ve been playing with hypermiling… I’m getting 4MPG better than I used just by changing how I drive.

On your left.


Friday, July 11, 2008

Hours to Go.

I should be sleeping.. but I know that a few of you are watching....

We rode easy today.. was nice.. and mellow.

The Pre-ride panic was similar to last year, but this year.. I'm nervous too.

More details if I survive.

Thanks to those of you that wished me good luck.

Maarburg the Mad.
Entering the Ha Lu Sin Nation

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Two Days and Counting

Yesterday was more of a goof off day.
Spent most of the day hanging out with two of the most fun people I know, ZenLC and Tiff. Pizza, teaching the young'uns how to effectively splash someone in the hotel pool.

Today, on the other hand, was a bit more of a serious ride day.
We headed off to do a two hour ride. The plan was to visit the Morgul-Bismark site. This hill is also known as "The Wall". It was featured, and made famous by the movie American Flyers. It's the finish line.
About 20 minutes into the ride, ZenLC asks "Up or down The Wall." I'm no dummy, I said "Up."
We rode a bit more to get to the base and took a break. Once we started, Tiff (though complaining that she didn't feel all that well) took off and ascended the wall with much poise. ZenLC wasn't too far behind her. I rode at my pace, which is to say that I was considerably farther back.

It's a hard climb, and it did wonderful things for my confidence for a finish at this years Triple Bypass.

I really enjoy getting the chance to ride with ZenLC and Tiff. Sure wish they lived closer.

We capped the day off with a blues/jazz concert in the park. Very nice.
Back at homebase.. it was time to work on the bikes.
I (more ZenLC if I'm to be truthful) cleaned my rear cog-set, which will hopefully remove that horrid squeak in the 12 tooth.
The chain got a bath, and the jockey wheels on the dérailleur got 'serviced'.

Great day.
Too bad I'm going to ruin this pleasant vacation with a 120 mile, three mountain pass pain fest.

Lost in the Ha Lu Sin Nation

Monday, July 07, 2008

Four Days and Counting

The Diamox is still making me quite sleepy. Screw it, I'm on vacation.
Hung out with Tiff and ZenLC today.
Gotta say that none of seemed to have much energy.
Naps seemed to be the priority of the day.

Todays test ride was more spirited, with a max beats per minute only 2 less than the highest I've ever done. It seems that the legs are strong, but the lungs are still taking issue with the lack of oxygen.
10.5 miles today.
The Knee Issue: There was just a bit of tightness behind the left knee today. Not pain per se. The knee remained slightly tight for most of the night. This is good. It's better than pain.

I'm starting to feel a bit of confidence. A glimmer of hope.
Four more days till I lay my soul on the fate of my training.

Come one, come all, see the freak of endurance and suffering. Ladies and children, you may want to think twice before you step inside this tent, the horror that awaits is not for the timid.

Somewhere in the O2 deprived state of Hypoxia.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Five Days and Counting

Today was a big day.
Tiff came in! Hurray!
We wont talk about saddles. It's too early.

The ride went good. Kathleen doesn't seem to have a problem with the altitude, but I do.
The Diamox is fun. Sort of a sleep dep/disconnected feeling, with tingling fingers and toes. That should pass.

The test ride today was just over 8 miles, and once again my skills are outdone by those of Tiff and Zen, though Zen said that my speed is better.

Feeling confident, and hopeful.

Somewhere in Colorado with an altitude of 5822ft...

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Six days and counting.

I'm now in ZenLand.
It's considerably warmer than last year, and I am hoping that this is an omen of nice weather for the ride.
Kathleen has come out of her cage and the first test ride seemed to also provide a good sign. No knee pain. A short ride with no pain and good weather, my spirits are up.
One of the challenges for last year was the altitude sickness. The doc gave me a prescription for Diamox.
Diamox is providing me with some interesting side effects. Some tingling in the fingers, and the constant feeling of not having slept in two days.
See my previous research in this feeling.

All in all, things are going as well as can be expected.
More after a nap.

Maarburg, somewhere in Colorado

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What I Kneed...

Doc called.

X-Rays show some fluid in the knee. Infusion.
Recommends not cycling.
I laughed.
She wasn't joking.

Good news, as it were:
No extra bone build up.
No arthritis.
No erosion.

Potential for long term damage is there.

Still digesting what this means for Triple Bypass 2008....

16 days until Triple Bypass.