Monday, July 07, 2008

Four Days and Counting

The Diamox is still making me quite sleepy. Screw it, I'm on vacation.
Hung out with Tiff and ZenLC today.
Gotta say that none of seemed to have much energy.
Naps seemed to be the priority of the day.

Todays test ride was more spirited, with a max beats per minute only 2 less than the highest I've ever done. It seems that the legs are strong, but the lungs are still taking issue with the lack of oxygen.
10.5 miles today.
The Knee Issue: There was just a bit of tightness behind the left knee today. Not pain per se. The knee remained slightly tight for most of the night. This is good. It's better than pain.

I'm starting to feel a bit of confidence. A glimmer of hope.
Four more days till I lay my soul on the fate of my training.

Come one, come all, see the freak of endurance and suffering. Ladies and children, you may want to think twice before you step inside this tent, the horror that awaits is not for the timid.

Somewhere in the O2 deprived state of Hypoxia.

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