Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Two Days and Counting

Yesterday was more of a goof off day.
Spent most of the day hanging out with two of the most fun people I know, ZenLC and Tiff. Pizza, teaching the young'uns how to effectively splash someone in the hotel pool.

Today, on the other hand, was a bit more of a serious ride day.
We headed off to do a two hour ride. The plan was to visit the Morgul-Bismark site. This hill is also known as "The Wall". It was featured, and made famous by the movie American Flyers. It's the finish line.
About 20 minutes into the ride, ZenLC asks "Up or down The Wall." I'm no dummy, I said "Up."
We rode a bit more to get to the base and took a break. Once we started, Tiff (though complaining that she didn't feel all that well) took off and ascended the wall with much poise. ZenLC wasn't too far behind her. I rode at my pace, which is to say that I was considerably farther back.

It's a hard climb, and it did wonderful things for my confidence for a finish at this years Triple Bypass.

I really enjoy getting the chance to ride with ZenLC and Tiff. Sure wish they lived closer.

We capped the day off with a blues/jazz concert in the park. Very nice.
Back at homebase.. it was time to work on the bikes.
I (more ZenLC if I'm to be truthful) cleaned my rear cog-set, which will hopefully remove that horrid squeak in the 12 tooth.
The chain got a bath, and the jockey wheels on the dérailleur got 'serviced'.

Great day.
Too bad I'm going to ruin this pleasant vacation with a 120 mile, three mountain pass pain fest.

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