Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Born again.

Nope.. not religion... more pain, and less faith.

The 2007 cycling season is on.
(so what, I'm starting early, bite me)

The Evil ZenLC has enticed me to try Triple Bypass. Not that it took much effort.
The next big domino might just be Cycle to the Sun... August 2008.

SombraGato asked me about the new name...

This passage might help,
If people can make permanent decisions in their life regarding their choice of mate, religion, or political party, then they are equally capable of making permanent decisions regarding their food choices, fitness commitments, and goals. (The human species is not biologically weakwilled, though you'd never know it if you observed typical human behavior.) Making sweeping, definitive, all-encompassing, and enduring commitments is an incredibly powerful and liberating experience, both in the making and the living up to them.

Accept that there must be no excuses for lack of success, only reasons. Recognize these reasons, learn from them, then regroup and press onward.

21 18'41.01N 157 51'31.42W elevation 60ft

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