Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Modified Strength Training Program

Here's what my TRX training program looks like now, after a few weeks of fiddling.
Day One (currently Mondays)
Swimmers Pull Superset with:
Back Row
Standing Back Extensions
Hip Press
Single Leg Squats
Suspended Lunge
Suspended Pendulum
Hip Abduction (Leg Spreaders)

Day Two (currently Thursdays)
Y Delt Raise Superset with:
Single Leg Chest Press
T Deltoid Raise
Delta Deltoid Raise
Triceps Press
Reverse Dips??? Looking for something that replaces standard Reverse Dips.
Biceps Curl
Press and Crunch

I've de-deemphasized the leg work, as I will be training quads/hamstrings for cycling specific motions. Primarily on the bike efforts like hill sprints. The above is an adaptation of my traditional Strength Training work out focusing on Free Weights. I had much success with that program, and have high hopes for how the TRX system will incorporate more of the interconnected muscles and require considerably more total muscular development.
I welcome any questions.

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Alititude 184ft


Mike Busch said...

Do you exercise by reps, as in a traditional resistance program, or do you exercise by time as Fitness Anywhere suggests?

I'm assuming you do 1 set and aim for failure near the end of set.

Maarburg said...

Currently, I'm employing the High Intensity Training philosophy of "to failure within form".

Additionally, the philosophy is that once you've triggered the muscle fibers to grow, any additional work merely increases the time it take to recover and possibly leads to over training.

Once form focused set to failure.
It's short, and hurts, and works.