Friday, July 28, 2006

WTF? Ahh man...

It's frustrating to be a spectator for professional cycling. You pick a favorite; put your hopes behind the pain, crashes, late rides, early rides, pain, crashes, personal sacrifices, putting up with the French, and dedication it takes to even attempt la Tour.

Then he gets busted for doping.

From everything I've read about Landis, I'm inclined to believe that he is just as his co-riders describe him. Intense, focused, and his mind is uncluttered.

Dave Zabriski said, "Everyone has a Landis story". To me, Stage 17 is just another one of those. A left field action from a rider who can narrow his focus down to the point where the rest of the world simply fails to exist. He gave his full 100%, because he hasn't figure out the math on 110%.

Today, and for the last few months, Floyd's been the rider I thought could take the field and shake it up.

Floyd... I want to believe. As long you claim innocence, I will believe.

Ride on and remember your own words, "One excuse is as good as another."


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