Friday, July 28, 2006

Floyd and a perspective.

---Landis rode the mountainous stage in 5 hours, 23 minutes, 36 seconds for an average speed of 37.175 kph (23.049 mph).

---His average cadence was 89 rpm.

---He averaged 281 watts for the whole stage and 318 watts for the last two hours.

---While pedaling, he averaged 324 watts overall and 364 watts for the last 2 hours.

---When he attacked to break away early on the stage's first mountain (of five), he generated 544 watts for 30 seconds, then settled into a 10-minute average of 431 watts. His 30-minute average was 401 watts, which put all 10 riders ahead of him in the overall standings well down the road.

---He averaged 373 watts on the 8.5% ascent of the 11.7-km (7.3-mile) final mountain, the Col de Joux-Plane, rated the hardest climb of the entire Tour.

---On the descent to the finish line in Morzine, he reached a top speed of 83.7 kph (51.9 mph).
The 2006 Tour was the third fastest of the 93 raced to date.

Floyd Landis rolled through the 3,656-km (2,267-mile) course in 89 hours, 39 minutes, 30 seconds for an average speed of 40.784 kph (25.268 mph).

The two faster speeds were ridden by Lance Armstrong in 2005 (41.698 kph or 25.853 mph) and in 2003 (40.956 kph or 25.393 mph). Armstrong also holds the fourth and fifth highest average speeds (2004 and 1999).

And here's the reason why the french are raising such a stink:
Tour victories since 1986:
U.S. -- 11
Spain -- 6
Ireland -- 1
Denmark -- 1
Germany -- 1
Italy -- 1
France -- 0
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