Tuesday, June 06, 2006

New toy in the works

Sometimes life gets in the way of living.

On another blog, I have talked a bit about the twists of fate that I have navigated.
In the effort to live and not just go with the flow, I will be purchasing a new bike.

What could be more wonderful than a new bike?
How about a bike that easily fits into the trunk of your car. Well not your car. A travel bike that rides as well as a 'normal' road bike? Rubbish you say? Humph. I've done my research.

I've decided on a BikeFriday New World Tourist.
I'm excited beyond all belief. I love buying new bikes. It is entirely possible that I can get enough training in to ride the HBL Century on it! Possible, but not probable. I will need to do some serious training to be able to do the ride at all, let alone on a new bike.

More info in a few weeks.

P-38 Pilot

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