Tuesday, June 20, 2006

New ride.

Pulled the trigger on a new bike today. There's no high quite like buying a new bike...

I've been working with Walter from Green Gear AKA BikeFriday. What started as a simple curiosity turned into better understanding of what Bike Friday does. This coincided with an epic ride in which I had to ship my beloved P-38. Very few things in life are a nerve wracking as shipping a custom/rare bike. I had put a considerable amount of time and effort into training for this one specific event, and the thought of my bike being damaged and the ride being undoable was more of a worry than completing the ride itself.
(Not to downplay how much I feared this ride..)

Walter has put in countless hours chatting with me about the options, and walking a newbie thru the process of buying a custom bike.

The man's a saint.

The bike has been ordered and I'll post again when I get it.. pics too.

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