Monday, June 23, 2008

TBP 2008 -18days

After my 200k ride in early May, I did not really have much desire to get back on the bike. Unfortunately, I hopped back on the bike with vigor and enthusiasm exceeding my abilities.

After a few weeks of knee pain, and playing with my saddle position, I went to the doc.
Doc says that I most likely have Chondromalacia Patella. Short version of what that means is that I need to keep off my knee for some undetermined amount of time.
Chances are, that I will not need surgery, and when the doc ever brought that up I involuntarily started shaking my head "No!". I'm thinking the doc wanted to scare me into resting.
I hope so.
Got some X-Rays taken, and I should know more in a few days on the severity of the situation.

Meanwhile, what do I do?
Can't continue to train, at least not at the level/intensity that I want to.
Will the knee be better in time for TBP?
Will I just ride anyway?

Eighteen days and counting.

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