Friday, July 06, 2007

Quest for TBP 2007 (7706)

Pain is slightly subsided. Of course, I'm terrified of making it worse and totally babying the ankle.
Contrary to my desire, but inline with logic, I went to the Doc.
Doc looked real worried. Didn't like that I had no 'trauma' to cause this. As the pain was very centralized and not at the location of most angle tendon damage (ATFL), her thoughts turned to worst case scenarios. BTW, her brother lives in CO and has done TPB.
A trip to Radiology negates all worst case scenarious. Most notably Novicular fracture or spur.

Diagnosis: Damaged/inflamed ligament.
Remedy: R.I.C.E. and this cool anti-inflametory/pain killer, No weight on the foot or ankle for 5 days and then only very light. Advised not to do TBP, but then she looked at me, shook her head and said... get lots of rest before hand.
She wrote me a double prescription for the cool meds.

Just goes to show you.. most people, when the look into the eye of Crazy, the know it.


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