Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Codename NeWT - Second Look.

In a quick chat with bikefridaywalter, I should have no problem adjusting the stem.

When I got home (yes, I was smart enough not to bring her with me to work and lose another day to daydreaming about my new ride) I immediately started fiddling with the stem. POP, there she goes.. perfect. Quick adjustment to the saddle to bring it down to an approximate range, back to the stem to adjust it a few centimeters higher than the saddle.

Let's Ride!
CodeNamed NeWT
First ride report.
It was already late when I got the change to ride, and I'd yet to install the reflectors that shipped with, or swap over my lights from other steeds, so I stuck to the main drag.
Dang... responsive. Snappy steering. Smooth controls.
Sweet ride.
As this was the maiden voyage, I kept things simple. No wheelies or "how quickly can I take this turn" stuff. Though I was tempted to see how she sprinted. "Very well, thank you very much." was her response.
Pretty much speechless.. (and a bit out of breath), so here's the synopsis.

Price: Slightly higher than a comparable Chinese made bike that doesn't fit in my car.
Strengths: Fits in my car (a compact sedan) in about 20 seconds. Very nimble though stable. Killer acceleration. Eye catcher. Give you instant bike-geek status.
Weaknesses: Slightly heavier than comparable Chinese made bikes that can't fit in my car. Instant bike-geek status. Replacement tires/tubes are not available in my neck of the woods.
Bottomline: Killer bike from a great company that really cares about the product they make. Non biking friends (yeah, I still have some) can't see spending just under 2k something that you have to pedal. I think it's money well spent.

More reviews (and maybe a daytime picture) to follow.


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