Thursday, October 13, 2005

Like the layers of an onion.

(freestyle thought to follow - unedited and not tied up)
Travel by human power is a unique and often overlooked alternative. While my initial attraction to bicycling (at least in my so called adult life) was for fun and recreation, it has slowly been revieled to me some of the many aspects of the bike. I wonder if anyone's taken the bicycle and broken it down like an evolutionary tree. Each branch seems both wound around the trunk and fireing off in a different direction at the same time.

What brought this up is my experimintation in Single Speed and (soon to stores near you) Fixed Geared bikes. I've been running a Single Speed for a bit now, and absolutely love it. I've even done a bit of climbing on one... which in retrospect was not the most brilliant idea I've had. Today, with any luck, will be my first venture into the world of fixed gears. The cog I've ordered came in. With any luck, I'll have that sucker on the bike tonight and I'll get to see what the fuss is all about.

Stay tuned for the ride report.

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